2016 Wish List


Well, Santa left a good month ago – and occasionally, Santa doesn’t bring gifts that he knows your parents wouldn’t want around the house, like an eight-foot-tall teddy bear or a pony or for me and the rest of our market– bakers and things for the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market.

So, we are asking the locals to still bask in the holiday warmth with our wish list. How can you help us become the most talked about Farmer’s Market around?

Well this is what we are looking for:


1. Raspberries

2. Someone with a greenhouse that has early vegetables they would like to sell and share with Carleton Place

3. More fruit vendors (we have applies, strawberries)

4. Someone with Spring Vegetables like asparagus, wild leeks, fiddleheads, early greens.

5. Bakers (artisan bread, plain old normal bread, sugar free baker, fancy ass baker with cakes and cupcakes and fancy cookies.

6. Someone who makes salad dressing would be sweet.

7. Cheese

8. Eggs, but has it has to be a properly graded egg so, we need a larger producer. That’s the government rules… we don’t make them.

9. We could likely use some more high quality meat….someone who sells pork, or chicken, full time. Like the Elvis cow above! If the meat can sing “Viva Las Vegas”–well, that’s optional or a plus depending how you look at it:)

10. Youth vendors–If you are under 18 you get a discount-Let’s see those talented kids of Carleton Place come out and show us their wares!

Thank you for helping us– and see you May 14th!


If you have a 365 hotline with Santa, OR are any of these, OR know someone who is any of the above–Please contact us at:

Please note the CPFM’s email is:



Looking for Someone That Can Bake Betty Some Buns!


Fellow Canuck George Canyon once sang in his song Betty’s Buns:

They say it’s in how she kneeds the dough
Betty makes her buns buddy soft and slow
People place their orders from miles around
to buy Betty’s buns in this one horse town

Remember the smells of the kitchen and the taste of fresh bread with butter? I remember my Grandmother baking bread so there would here would be bread for Grampy’s packed lunch when he went on a job out of town.

The Carleton Place Farmer’s Market OPENING MAY 14TH is searching for someone who can bake bread.  Tis is “a loaf or death situation” so to speak.

If you are that person please contact:

Please note the CPFM’s email is:



Save a Horse and Ride a Tractor — Artisan’s Day!


Come get to know our farmer’s each week beginning May 14th who will remember what you enjoy, and are always happy to recommend something new.

Sorry ladies, the ‘eyecandy’ that is featured in my photo above is not at our Carleton Place Farmer’s market. BUT, he was at a Lanark  County Plowing Match, and to me he represents the image of farming the land of Lanark County and the youth which must carry on the traditions.

The Carleton Place Farmer’s Market is giving you MORE reasons to shop locally. 

Artisan’s Day will be on the first of every month. What the heck is an artisan?  That would be someone that makes things by hand. Artisans are impelled to make things. They get restless if they do not create something tangible. It is their nature to produce physical objects. They generate an idea, and from within themselves they spew it out into material reality. They take the raw material in their hands and fashion it into things of beauty or function.

So if you make interesting and beautiful things– come sell at the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market and share with the rest of Lanark County. We would love to have you!

Click on this link to watch the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market Movie!!