Welcome to the Carleton Place Farmers’ Market

Come visit us Saturdays from 8:30-12:30

Market Square–  Corner of Beckwith and Lake Avenue East–Carleton Place, Ontario

Get out of the house, come have a snack and enjoy Carleton Place outdoors this summer…

Watch This Page Daily…

Blasts from the Past Photos!!

 Blasts from the Past..
Carleton Place Farmers Market Blasts from the Past- When the CPFM was in front of the former Canadian Tire Building on Beckwith–This is Merle from Limekiln Farms..Find our what is happening hee every week-https://cpfarmersmarket.wordpress.com/
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 Carleton Place Farmers Market Blasts from the Past- When the CPFM was in front of the former Canadian Tire Building on Beckwith–This is Scott from Dunlop’s Honey..Find our what is happening here every week-https://cpfarmersmarket.wordpress.com/

LIVE MUSIC AT THE CARLETON PLACE FARMERS MARKET —click here for what’s coming up and stay tuned-


 See you next May!!! Check out our Facebook page daily— we are still rolling on it.


Saturday October 15th is our last day at the Carleton Place Farmers Market. We wish to thank the vendors who made this market so great this year and all the people that came and supported us. Thanks so much and see you next year!

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We’ve Got Videos!! Check out our New Video Page- Click Here!

Come to the Carleton Place Farmers and you can meet and greet with some great people like Debbie Gibson and Beckwith Councillor Faye Campbell..Bring your smile.

This is Isaac- John Sandberg’s grandson.. John does not look old enough to have one- but it is probably his daily beauty regime on his farm- come visit Path Back Farms at the Carleton Place Farmers’ Market. Isaac is one smart kid.
Come visit us Saturdays from 8:30-12:30

Market Square– Corner of Beckwith and Lake Avenue East–Carleton Place, Ontario


Check out our recipe section for this recipe.. yummmm









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John Sandberg from Pathback Farms  —John is also a CSA farmer!!


The Ontario CSA Farm Directory lists farmers that offer weekly freshly picked farm-raised food boxes to members who are part of their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Consumers wanting good quality, safe food and farmers looking for stable markets form a type of partnership. The consumer (you) pay the farmer a one-time fee (or share) prior to the start of growing season. This fee is determined by seed cost, equipment maintenance, property fees, tools, salaries, distribution costs, etc. In return, you receive weekly food boxes either by delivery or at a pick-up location near you.

John Sandberg also has CSA’a. A CSA is community shared agriculture. Farmers put in shares and the customer picks up a basket. It begins Mid June for 14 weeks. Enough vegetables for 2 people for meals 4-5 nights a week.

 Going to miss you Conrad…
Photo through the eyes of Cathie Hawkins McOrmond


Conrad Solomon now does bicycle repairs at the Carleton Place Farmers Market!! How cool is that?

Just like the famous race car drivers do — pull your bike in need of repair into Conrad’s Saturday neighbourhood pit. Conrad’s Bike Repair On The Go will  offer you  friendly and efficient service and this guy knows bikes!
No time during the week? You can feel confident in bringing in your bike toConrad’s Bike Repair On The Go Saturdays at the CPFM.. Conrad can be contacted at 613-816-8025 or email conradsbikerepair@gmail.com

Check him out on our unique vendors page

Going to miss our Bagel folks..:( see you next year!




Ginger Cafe..:(



Are You in These Photos-CPFM May 14- by Tracy Lamb


Have you seen the amazing pictures Tracy Lamb tool of the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market last week- check it out you might be there!CLICK HERE.



We have everyone asking for fresh eggs at the Carleton Place Farmers Market.. We are NOT allowed to sell them so for everyone who keeps asking me — here is a place you can buy them locally..

Do You Realize that Tomatoes Don’t Grow in May?


Sometimes people come to the market in May, and see no tomatoes or other late seasonal vegetables, so they never come back. This year on our Carleton Place Farmer’s Market website (https://cpfarmersmarket.wordpress.com/) we have put a chart so you can see when our seasonal food offerings will be available.

All our farmer’s are planting in May, but the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market will have early growing items like asparagus and scapes. When you come to our market in May– enjoy the crafts, baking and preserves while the ground warms up and the crops start to grow. Come and sample our jams and our pickles from Chridomar Gardens and Tasty Treats. If you have come before, you know you can’t resist our desserts from Grandma Garrett.

At the first of each month we will have “Artisan’s Day” where you can purchase from local talent offering their wares on those days. Famed local chef Dusty Pettes along with his wife Jessica from Prospect Market will be one of the new folks selling their items on Artisan Day!

This year we will have some new faces and will be offering naturally raised pasture finished Berkshire Pork from Rosehill Ranch. Then there is that fresh honey from Dunlop’s Honey and their exquisite honey cream that your skin just has to try.

Come and have a chat with some of our favourite returning farmers: Merle Bowes from Limekiln Gardens – – Ray Elgersma and Dave McGahey from White Oak Farm and– Darrylene Sadler from Our Hobby Farm. Of course Beckwith Berries with be there and then there are those chutney’s and other lovely tastes from John Sandberg.

There will be flowers this year from Two Fields Over and Patricia Darlington will have some of her great workshops. Whitehouse Perennial will be there, and don’t forget to come to our ‘transplant day’ June 4th where things will be going on at the CPFM from morning to night ending with our Farm to Fork dinner and dance that same day.

Did you know The Carleton Place Farmers’ Market has a dedicated free Community Table for  not-for profit organizations and local organizations that are looking to raise awareness about their services, events or workshops.

Please contact us for further information and to reserve the booth.  The table is available each week of the market on a first come first serve basis.

Remember we are a producer based market and we support Lanark county agriculture. There is no food from the food terminal, no food from Western Ontario—only local food, local farmers, and supporting the local economy and families.

The Carlton Place Farmers Market is family. Come and join us where the cultivation begins and the love never ends.


Do You Have Shiny Adorable Children?

The Carleton Place Farmer’s Market Association would like to extend an invitation to local youth interested in selling their hand made goods at the Carleton Place Farmer’s market.

Our friendly and helpful members have plenty to offer youth vendors. A venue to showcase your wares for sale Affordable participation fees. Marketing in local papers, website and Facebook. Exciting schedule of events for the season Other youth vendors to share the experience. Applications for fees and contact information to join our awesome team of vendors will be up this afternoon. We look forward to having you part of our team.

Youth Vendor? Click here for a special rate

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Artisans Day? Sign up today.. Click on this link or email to be one of our artisans!


Please note the NEW CPFM’s email is:


If you are a non profit community group click here for the Community Table


Did you know the Carleton Place Farmers’ has a dedicated free Community Table for not-for-profit organizations and local organizations that are looking to raise awareness about their services, events or workshops?

Please email for further information and to reserve the booth.  The table is available each week of the market on a first come first serve basis.

Please note the NEW CPFM’s email is:


The Carleton Place Farmer’s Market opens May 14th. Mark the date– as everyone’s challenge this year should be to eat less from a box and more from the earth!

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Click on this link to watch the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market Movie!!

If you have an idea or a question please contact us!

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6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Could you contact me with this year’s dates for the singing competition? Some of my students participated last year, and one of them won the competition! I know others would like the contact info too, thanks very much!

  2. Hi Cathy, the singing contest starts this weekend – and will be running 8:30 to 11:00. The contest contact is Lynda at 613-843-0054. the poster will be going on our website today – and I can email you one too if you want for the school! Also, while we are talking music….we take buskers from 11:00 to 12:30 every day! If any of your students might be interested in that you or they can email me at cpfarmersmarket@yahoo.ca Thanks! Gwen

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