CPFM Vendor Information

Our motto is:

“We make, we bake, we grow!”


How to Become a Vendor


We are always willing to consider new vendors who provide unique fully homemade or homegrown items to our customers.

Vendors must live within 50km of Carleton Place and must make, bake or grow what they sell!

Acceptance to the Carleton Place Farmers’ Market is contingent upon approval of the Carleton Place Farmers’ Market Executive.

    1. Applications must be fully completed to be reviewed.
    2. All applicants must have approval prior to admittance and participation.

As we are now in the midst of a busy market season, applications will take a few weeks to process.  Please be patient with us.


CPFM Handbook (Read it!  It has all our info and rules)

Vendor Conflict Resolution Process and Code of Conduct

Carleton Place Farmers’ Market Vendor Application 2019

To Become a Vendor, Youth Vendor or Artisan at the Carleton Place Farmers Market, you need to apply using the online form available here.

Carleton Place Farmers Market Application Form

Please submit forms online or mail the forms to the following address :

Carleton Place Farmers’ Market

C/O  D.Sadler

99 Moore Street

Carleton Place, ON K7C2R3




Carleton Place Farmers Market Vendor Fee Information

The following are the rates for the market :

– Full season – $350 ( $ 50 deposit at time of submission and if not accepted, it will be refunded)

– Half season – $ 175 ($ 50 deposit at time of submission and if not accepted, it will be refunded)


– Artisan – $30 per day
– Youth vendor (under the age of 18 years of age ) – $15 per day

More Information:

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