CPFM Vendors

Vendors 2019 Product(s) Produce Food Plants Artisans Services
Beckwith Berries Fruit Produce
Beking Poultry Eggs
Chridomar Gardens Produce/Preserves/Jams
Chrissy’s Creations Knit/Felted Wear
Conrads Bike Repair Bike Repairs
Dixon Massage Massage
Dunlop’s Honey Honey/Bread
Grandma Garrett Bakery
Limekiln Gardens Veggie Produce
Little Flowers Creations Succulents/Food
McGahey Farms Veggie Produce
Nomad Nancy Craft/Herbs
Our Hobby Farm Produce/Preserves/Jams
Pair-a-Gardens Veggie Produce
Pathback Farms Veggie Produce
Pickle Vixens Food
Purging the House Soaps/food
Radical Homemaker Handmade Items
Rajs Indian Kitchen Indian Food
Spaltedbob Wood/Rhubarb
Stonepile Farm Meat/Ferments
Wild Blooms Farm Cut Flowers

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