Artisans Day

The 1st Market of every month is “Artisan’s Day”

The Carleton Place Farmer’s Market is giving you MORE reasons to shop locally. 

Artisan’s Day will be on the first of every month. What the heck is an artisan?  That would be someone that makes things by hand. Artisans are impelled to make things. They get restless if they do not create something tangible. It is their nature to produce physical objects. They generate an idea, and from within themselves they spew it out into material reality. They take the raw material in their hands and fashion it into things of beauty or function.

So if you make interesting and beautiful things– come sell at the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market and share with the rest of Lanark County. We would love to have you!

2019 Artisans

Sacred Spirit Healing

Kim MacLeod – Spiritual Care Practitioner